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CMS Transmittals

National Coverage Determination
Procedure Code: 8XXXX
MNT Services
CMS Policy Number: 180.1

See also: Medicare Preventive Services

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Covered ICD-10 Codes.

E08.00Diab d/t undrl cond w hyprosm w/o nonket hyprgly-hypros coma
E08.01Diabetes due to underlying condition w hyprosm w coma
E08.10Diabetes due to underlying condition w ketoacidosis w/o coma
E08.11Diabetes due to underlying condition w ketoacidosis w coma
E08.22Diabetes due to undrl cond w diabetic chronic kidney disease
E08.29Diabetes due to undrl condition w oth diabetic kidney comp
E08.3211Diabetes with mild nonp rtnop with macular edema, right eye
E08.3212Diabetes with mild nonp rtnop with macular edema, left eye
E08.3213Diabetes with mild nonp rtnop with macular edema, bilateral
E08.3291Diabetes with mild nonp rtnop without macular edema, r eye
.... and many more.

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