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CodeMap® 2021 Procedure Coding Update for Labs and Pathologists::Recorded November 11, 2020

 2021 Coding Update for Labs and Pathologists
Wednesday, November 11, 2020
2:00 - 3:15 pm (Eastern Time)
Using the proper procedure codes is essential to your laboratory's compliance efforts. That is why each fall, we devote an entire CodeMap® Webinar to the upcoming procedure coding changes scheduled for the following year. As usual, we will discuss all new, revised, and deleted procedure codes for lab tests included in both the Medicare Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule and the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule. This year, we will also discuss all the newly created codes for COVID-19 testing. In addition, we will review the many differing types of procedure codes including category 1 CPT® codes, HCPCS codes, and PLA codes used to report the ever-increasing array of clinical laboratory and pathology procedures.
The following topics will be discussed at this CodeMap® Webinar:

COVID-19 Testing: Throughout 2020, CMS and the AMA scrambled to create codes to report differing types of testing for COVID-19. We will explain how to use new codes for antigen testing, antibody testing, and high-volume instrument testing.

Other COVID-19 Coding: We will also explore how to code for COVID-19 specimen collection performed by hospitals, reference labs, and physician office labs. In addition, providers must understand which tests and procedures are CLIA-waived and the associated rules.

Molecular Pathology Codes: The 2021 CPT includes 16 new Tier 1 molecular pathology codes, 8 new and deleted Tier 2 codes, 5 new and revised MAAA codes, as well as other coding changes for molecular pathology procedures. We will review all these changes and the accompanying coding and claims submissions rules. 

83 New PLA codes: The 2021 CPT also includes 83 new PLA codes to report molecular pathology procedures including infectious disease panels and blood typing. This section of the CPT continues to explode with more and more laboratories choosing to obtain PLA codes for their tests and panels.

CCI and MUE: As expected, CMS has implemented many changes to its CCI and MUE edits, which apply to clinical laboratories. Providers must stay informed of these edits to ensure clean claims and continued compliance.

Procedure Coding Basics: Our experts will review the differing procedure code systems used by labs and pathologists, in particular CPT and HCPCS. Applicable rules and regulations of each system will also be discussed.

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