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CodeMap® 12/29/2023: What's on the Government's Radar for Labs in 2024?

CodeMap® Briefing: 12/29/2023

As we wrap up the year, our friends at Laboratory Economics discuss important issues laboratories need to be aware of in 2024.  As always, please send us your comments, suggestions, and questions via email. Happy Holidays!

What's on the Government's Radar for Labs in 2024?

Each year government agencies with oversight of clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories give some indication of what areas they will focus on in the coming months. Laboratory Economics Compliance & Policy Report recently spoke with Elizabeth Sullivan, Chair of McDonald Hopkins’s Healthcare Practice Group (Cleveland) about what she sees as lab enforcement trends in the coming year.

What do you expect to see in terms of enforcement next year?

We are expecting increased enforcement, which is likely not a surprise to anyone in the lab industry. The OIG [Health and Human Servic....

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