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375.12 Quick jump to specific ICD-9 Code: 375.14

ICD-9 Code and Descriptor

375.13 Primary lacrimal atrophy

ICD-10 General Equivalence Mapping (2015 GEM Files)

H04.149     Primary lacrimal gland atrophy, unspecified lacrimal gland

375.13 is not considered equivalent to H04.149

ICD-10 to 9 GEM Reverse Lookup (2015 GEM Files)

H04.141 Primary lacrimal gland atrophy, right lacrimal gland
H04.142 Primary lacrimal gland atrophy, left lacrimal gland
H04.143 Primary lacrimal gland atrophy, bilateral lacrimal glands
For more information, see ICD-10 Implementation, Final Rule

Commonly Associated Procedure Codes*

24.1% 92012 Eye exam establish patient
21.2% 92014 Eye exam&tx estab pt 1/>vst
12.9% 92015 Determine refractive state
6.0% 99213 Office/outpatient visit est
5.7% 99212 Office/outpatient visit est
3.6% 92004 Eye exam new patient
3.3% 99214 Office/outpatient visit est
2.9% 68761 Close tear duct opening
2.1% 2027F Optic nerve head eval done
1.9% G8445 Procedure code no longer valid.
1.4% 92135 Procedure code no longer valid.
1.2% 2019F Dilated macul exam done
1.2% 99204 Office/outpatient visit new
1.2% A4263 Permanent tear duct plug
1.0% G8448 Procedure code no longer valid.
0.7% 92002 Eye exam new patient
0.7% 92081 Visual field examination(s)
0.7% 2022F Dil retina exam interp rev
0.7% 99203 Office/outpatient visit new
0.7% G8427 Doc cur meds by prov

* Commonly Associated Procedure Codes derived from 2010 Physician Supplier Part B Medicare claims data.
This data represents an analysis of 43 million claims processed for 1.7 million beneficiaries in 2010.

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