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CodeMap® Using CLIA Certificate Data to target Marketing and Sales Efforts


CodeMap maintains a comprehensive database containing detailed information about all current laboratories in the U.S. holding a valid CLIA certificate. This information is purchased on a regular basis directly from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and organized as follows.

  • Laboratory (facility) name, address, phone, fax
  • Facility type (i.e. hospital, physician office laboratory, skilled nursing facility, independent laboratory, etc.)
  • Certificate type (i,e,, waived, physician performed microscopy, or moderate/high complexity)
  • Total number of tests as reported on CLIA application

The current CLIA database (updated quarterly) contains the following number of records and can be sorted by any of the above parameters. 

Sample date 09/14

Total Number of Laboratories:  251,003

Laboratories by Facility Type

  • Physician Office Laboratory (POL)     122,281
  • Skilled Nursing Facility                         14,991
  • Home Health Agency                             14,685
  • Hospital                                                    9,127
  • Independent Laboratory                           6,018
  • Pharmacy                                                10,178
  • and more....

Laboratories by Certificate Type

  • Waived                                                        170,276
  • Physician Performed Microscopy                 32,114
  • Moderate/High Complexity                          30,173
  • Accreditation                                                 18,440

Please contact Dr. Charles Root at 847-381-5465 or to discuss your particular needs.

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