2017 ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Set Loaded     

7/3/2017 NCD Edits Loaded     

2017 Lab Fee Schedule     

2017-C DME Fee Schedule     

2017-A PEN Fee Schedule-no changes for Q2/2017     

2017 July ASC Fee Schedule Updated     

2017 July APC Fee Schedule Updated     

July 2017 ASP Drug Pricing Updated     

Q3 2017 CCI Edits Loaded     

Q3 2017 MUE Edits Loaded     

LCD Database Current Through 08/14/2017     

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CodeMap® CodeMap® Online Access-1 Year Subscription

Unparalleled online access to the following CodeMap® resources:

Medicare Reimbursement Information

  • Physician Fee Schedule Amounts
  • Laboratory Fee Schedule Amounts
  • OPPS and ASC Payments Adjusted by Zip Code
  • Revenue Codes
  • APC Codes
  • Status Indicators
  • Procedures Subject to Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction (MPPR)
  • All States/Localities

CodeMap Market Analysis

  • Identify which Providers / Physicians perform specific tests
  • Detailed NPI Practice Information - Medicare payments by procedure
    • Number of Services Performed by procedure code
    • Number of Beneficiaries per procedure code
    • Total payments by Medicare
  • Searchable by procedure, zip code, county 

Commonly Associated Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9 and ICD-10)

  • Commonly Associated Diagnosis Codes derived from actual Part B Medicare Claims
  • An analysis of over 43 Million Claims covering 1.7 Million Patients

ICD-9 to ICD-10 Conversions

CodeMap Online Medical Necessity Checker 

  • Procedure to Diagnosis Code Edit Check
  • National and Local Policies for every Medicare Contractor
  • Linked to full text of LCD or NCD policy

Medicare Coverage Policy Information

  • National Coverage Decisions (NCDs)
  • Local Coverage Decisions (LCDs)
  • Every Medicare Contractor
    • Part A and Part B
  • Full text of every policy
    • Indications/Limitations of Coverage
    • Frequency Limits
    • Covered ICD-9/10 codes
  • Updated continuously by nationally recognized experts in Medicare coding and reimbursement.

Medicare Coding Edits

  • Correct Coding Initiative (CCI) edits 
  • Medically Unlikely Edits (MUE)
  • Updated Quarterly per CMS schedule

Medicare Historical Utilization Data

  • Annually updated database of Part B utilization data.
  • Actual utilization data of all Medicare covered tests and services by CPT® code.
    • Top 5 Ordering Specialties
    • Top 5 Places of Service
    • Top 5 Modifiers Submitted
    • Includes average dollar amount submitted and percentage of claims denied.

Includes 1 year subscription and access to archived library of CodeMap Compliance Briefings

This product does not include a printed manual.  

Online access begins upon receipt of payment and lasts for one year.  

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