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Current Codemap® Publications:

Laboratory Publications:

2018 Laboratory Complete Package Substantial Discount!
2018 Medicare Reimbursement Manual for Lab and Pathology
2018 Medicare Medical Necessity Guide for Lab and Pathology
2018 CCI Guide for Lab and Pathology
CodeMap® Compliance Briefing Subscription - 1 Year
2017 CodeMap® Compliance Policy Manual
2017 Molecular Pathology Coding Reference Tables

Achieving your goals of accurate coding, appropriate billing, and efficient claims processing is an ongoing struggle. You need all the help you can get. Fortunately CodeMap® Manuals provide accurate coding and reimbursement information, save you time, and most importantly ensure compliance with federal rules and regulations.

The All-On-One-Page-Manual: CodeMap® manuals link CPT codes with ICD-9 codes, Medicare reimbursement amounts, and other pertinent information all on a single page. The need to reference multiple manuals or sources of information is eliminated by the easy-to-use format of CodeMap® manuals. The end result is that you can quickly create and submit a “clean claim” to Medicare ensuring quicker reimbursement and greater compliance.

The Only Manuals that are Custom Printed for Your State and Medicare Locality: Each CodeMap® manual is a one-of-a-kind book custom printed for your provider organization. Where other coding and reimbursement guides are printed to include all Medicare regions, all codes, and all procedures, CodeMap® manuals are individually published for your specific needs. No longer will you have to search through hundreds of pages of information or calculate the fees that apply to your facility. Never has compliance been easier.



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