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CodeMap® Diagnostic Manufacturer TeleConference

CodeMap TeleConferences for Diagnostic Manufacturers

Don't Let Medicare Kill Your New Product

What you don't know can hurt you. All the preparation and hard work in the world won't save your diagnostic product from failure if no one took the time to adequately address the applicable coding, reimbursement, and coverage issues. If providers can not get paid for your product, your organization is facing a serious uphill climb. Make sure your organization is prepared.

CodeMap has created a TeleConference Series designed to address the special needs of Diagnostic Test Manufacturers. This two-part program will be presented to only one organization at a time. You pick the dates, times, and who participates. CodeMap will then present the following TeleConferences:

TeleConference 1: Procedure Codes for New Products

 Manufacturers must understand the coding systems used by Medicare and other payers. This CodeMap TeleConference will address the following topics concerning coding.

  • The processes, timeframes, and requirements of obtaining new or revised procedure codes, primarily CPT® codes, for new tests and procedures.
  • When and if a new or existing product needs a new or revised procedure code.
  • The federal agencies and professional organizations that govern and administer the major procedure code systems.
  • The basic rules of procedure coding that all providers and manufacturers should understand.

TeleConference 2: Reimbursement and Coverage

All the effort and resources of developing a new test or product can be wasted, if the manufacturer is unable to convince payers to appropriately reimburse for the testing performed by the product. Many private insurers follow Medicare's lead in both coverage and reimbursement policies. Ensuring federally funded health plans, such as Medicare pay for your products is crucial. TeleConference 2 will cover the following:

  • The procedures used by federal agencies to set Medicare reimbursement for new tests and products.
  • How your organization can manage and influence these systems to obtain favorable reimbursement.
  • How Medicare contractors develop and enforce coverage policies
  • What your organization can do to establish and maintain favorable coverage
  • The rules and regulations of both coverage and reimbursement that all providers and manufacturers should understand.

Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable insight from two of the leading experts in coding, reimbursement, and regulatory compliance, Dr. Charles B. Root and Gregory Root, Esq. 

Advantages of CodeMap TeleConferences for Diagnostic Manufacturers

Private and Confidential: CodeMap will present each TeleConference to only one organization at a time. You do not need to worry about who's listening to your questions. In addition, CodeMap will enter into a non-disclosure agreement with your organization to ensure complete confidentiality.

Extensive Questions and Answers: Both CodeMap TeleConferences will include a 90 minute presentation followed by up to 60 minutes of questions and answers. 

Convenience: You pick the dates and times and who participates. CodeMap will provide up to 20 open lines to accommodate multiple personnel/locations.

Economic: No travel or related expenses. Anyone with a phone can participate.

Price: $5,800 for both CodeMap TeleConferences

For more information contact Charles Root via email or phone:

(847) 381-5465

CodeMap® is a Registered Trademark of Wheaton Partners, LLC.