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CodeMap® Chargemaster Reviews

Chargemaster Reviews

CodeMap® analysts have performed chargemaster reviews for laboratories and radiology practices for over 15 years. Even before the advent of compliance programs, our analysts were helping providers with coding and pricing issues. We know our way around a chargemaster and can help your organization achieve complete compliance and ensure appropriate Medicare reimbursement.

Our analysts can perform any of the following services related to chargemasters:

• CPT® Code Review. A comprehensive line by line analysis of all CPT codes and HCPCS codes to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws, rules, and regulations, as well as Medicare Carrier policy. We will check all single test procedures as well as panels, profiles, and multiple test groupings.

• Pricing Review. We can review your pricing to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations. In addition we can develop new pricing schedules based on relative value units (RVUs) or other appropriate criteria.

• Chargemaster Consolidation. Perhaps your organization could benefit from the increased efficiency of using only one chargemaster. Our analysts have performed chargemaster consolidations for all sizes of provider organizations including very large and complex health systems.

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