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CodeMap® 2019 Procedure Coding Update for Labs and Pathologists::Recorded November 14, 2018

 2019 Procedure Coding Update for Labs and Pathologists

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
2:00 - 3:15 pm (Eastern Time)
The correct use of procedure codes is one of the most important aspects of regulatory compliance, claims submission, and revenue cycle management. Which codes you choose have a direct relationship to if, and how much, you will be reimbursed. Correct coding is as important as ever considering the associated reimbursement and compliance implications. 
The following topics will be discussed at this CodeMap® Webinar:
  • Over 100 New and Revised Procedure Codes: The 2019 Medicare Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule includes over 100 new codes for single gene molecular pathology tests, BRCA tests, and PLA tests. Next year's fee schedule will include more PLA tests than ever before.
  • CPT® Molecular Pathology Gene Table: Learn how to use the CPT Molecular Pathology Gene Table to find the correct code for single gene assays and Genomic Sequencing Procedures (GSPs).
  • Coding Lab Developed Tests: Labs should understand their options including ADLT, MAAA, and PLA codes. Also, learn which labs may use each type of code.
  • Multianalyte Assays with Algorithmic Analysis (MAAA): Each year, more MAAA codes are added to the CPT. We will discuss these procedures and how to use applicable codes. In addition we will examine what kind of data analysis qualifies as an algorithm.
  • Coding Infectious Agent Panels: Learn how to use and report the ever increasing number of codes for infectious agent panels. Providers must understand all applicable rules and how analytical method and panel size determines the correct code.
  • Procedure Coding Basics: Our experts will review the differing procedure code systems used by labs and pathologists, in particular CPT and HCPCS. Applicable rules and regulations of each system will also be discussed.

Price: $225.00

Video of Presentation and PDF Handouts.

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