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Related ICD-10 (CM) Codes:

ICD10 (CM) CodeDescription
A18.7 Tuberculosis of adrenal glands
A18.81 Tuberculosis of thyroid gland
B67.31 Echinococcus granulosus infection, thyroid gland
C73 Malignant neoplasm of thyroid gland
C74.00 Malignant neoplasm of cortex of unspecified adrenal gland
C74.01 Malignant neoplasm of cortex of right adrenal gland
C74.02 Malignant neoplasm of cortex of left adrenal gland
C74.10 Malignant neoplasm of medulla of unspecified adrenal gland
C74.11 Malignant neoplasm of medulla of right adrenal gland
C74.12 Malignant neoplasm of medulla of left adrenal gland
C74.90 Malignant neoplasm of unsp part of unspecified adrenal gland
C74.91 Malignant neoplasm of unsp part of right adrenal gland
C74.92 Malignant neoplasm of unspecified part of left adrenal gland
C75.0 Malignant neoplasm of parathyroid gland
C75.1 Malignant neoplasm of pituitary gland
C75.2 Malignant neoplasm of craniopharyngeal duct
C75.8 Malignant neoplasm with pluriglandular involvement, unsp
C75.9 Malignant neoplasm of endocrine gland, unspecified
C79.70 Secondary malignant neoplasm of unspecified adrenal gland
C79.71 Secondary malignant neoplasm of right adrenal gland
C79.72 Secondary malignant neoplasm of left adrenal gland
D13.7 Benign neoplasm of endocrine pancreas
D34 Benign neoplasm of thyroid gland
D35.00 Benign neoplasm of unspecified adrenal gland
D35.01 Benign neoplasm of right adrenal gland
D35.02 Benign neoplasm of left adrenal gland
D35.1 Benign neoplasm of parathyroid gland
D35.2 Benign neoplasm of pituitary gland
D35.3 Benign neoplasm of craniopharyngeal duct
D35.7 Benign neoplasm of other specified endocrine glands
D35.9 Benign neoplasm of endocrine gland, unspecified
D44.0 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of thyroid gland
D44.10 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of unspecified adrenal gland
D44.11 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of right adrenal gland
D44.12 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of left adrenal gland
D44.2 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of parathyroid gland
D44.3 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of pituitary gland
D44.4 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of craniopharyngeal duct
D44.9 Neoplasm of uncertain behavior of unsp endocrine gland
D49.7 Neoplm of unsp behav of endo glands and oth prt nervous sys
E00.0 Congenital iodine-deficiency syndrome, neurological type
E00.1 Congenital iodine-deficiency syndrome, myxedematous type
E00.2 Congenital iodine-deficiency syndrome, mixed type
E00.9 Congenital iodine-deficiency syndrome, unspecified
E01.0 Iodine-deficiency related diffuse (endemic) goiter
E01.1 Iodine-deficiency related multinodular (endemic) goiter
E01.2 Iodine-deficiency related (endemic) goiter, unspecified
E01.8 Oth iodine-deficiency related thyroid disord and allied cond
E02 Subclinical iodine-deficiency hypothyroidism
E03.0 Congenital hypothyroidism with diffuse goiter
E03.1 Congenital hypothyroidism without goiter
E03.2 Hypothyroidism due to meds and oth exogenous substances
E03.3 Postinfectious hypothyroidism
E03.4 Atrophy of thyroid (acquired)
E03.8 Other specified hypothyroidism
E03.9 Hypothyroidism, unspecified
E04.0 Nontoxic diffuse goiter
E04.1 Nontoxic single thyroid nodule
E04.2 Nontoxic multinodular goiter
E04.8 Other specified nontoxic goiter
E04.9 Nontoxic goiter, unspecified
E05.00 Thyrotoxicosis w diffuse goiter w/o thyrotoxic crisis
E05.01 Thyrotoxicosis w diffuse goiter w thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E05.10 Thyrotxcosis w toxic sing thyroid nodule w/o thyrotxc crisis
E05.11 Thyrotxcosis w toxic single thyroid nodule w thyrotxc crisis
E05.20 Thyrotxcosis w toxic multinod goiter w/o thyrotoxic crisis
E05.21 Thyrotxcosis w toxic multinodular goiter w thyrotoxic crisis
E05.30 Thyrotxcosis from ectopic thyroid tissue w/o thyrotxc crisis
E05.31 Thyrotxcosis from ectopic thyroid tissue w thyrotoxic crisis
E05.40 Thyrotoxicosis factitia without thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E05.41 Thyrotoxicosis factitia with thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E05.80 Other thyrotoxicosis without thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E05.81 Other thyrotoxicosis with thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E05.90 Thyrotoxicosis, unsp without thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E05.91 Thyrotoxicosis, unspecified with thyrotoxic crisis or storm
E06.0 Acute thyroiditis
E06.1 Subacute thyroiditis
E06.2 Chronic thyroiditis with transient thyrotoxicosis
E06.3 Autoimmune thyroiditis
E06.4 Drug-induced thyroiditis
E06.5 Other chronic thyroiditis
E06.9 Thyroiditis, unspecified
E07.0 Hypersecretion of calcitonin
E07.1 Dyshormogenetic goiter
E07.89 Other specified disorders of thyroid
E07.9 Disorder of thyroid, unspecified
E16.0 Drug-induced hypoglycemia without coma
E16.1 Other hypoglycemia
E16.3 Increased secretion of glucagon
E16.8 Other specified disorders of pancreatic internal secretion
E16.9 Disorder of pancreatic internal secretion, unspecified
E20.0 Idiopathic hypoparathyroidism
E20.8 Other hypoparathyroidism
E20.9 Hypoparathyroidism, unspecified
E21.0 Primary hyperparathyroidism
E21.1 Secondary hyperparathyroidism, not elsewhere classified
E21.2 Other hyperparathyroidism
E21.3 Hyperparathyroidism, unspecified
E21.4 Other specified disorders of parathyroid gland
E21.5 Disorder of parathyroid gland, unspecified
E22.0 Acromegaly and pituitary gigantism
E22.1 Hyperprolactinemia
E22.2 Syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiuretic hormone
E22.8 Other hyperfunction of pituitary gland
E22.9 Hyperfunction of pituitary gland, unspecified
E23.0 Hypopituitarism
E23.1 Drug-induced hypopituitarism
E23.2 Diabetes insipidus
E23.3 Hypothalamic dysfunction, not elsewhere classified
E23.6 Other disorders of pituitary gland
E23.7 Disorder of pituitary gland, unspecified
E24.0 Pituitary-dependent Cushing's disease
E24.1 Nelson's syndrome
E24.2 Drug-induced Cushing's syndrome
E24.3 Ectopic ACTH syndrome
E24.4 Alcohol-induced pseudo-Cushing's syndrome
E24.8 Other Cushing's syndrome
E24.9 Cushing's syndrome, unspecified
E25.0 Congenital adrenogenital disorders assoc w enzyme deficiency
E25.8 Other adrenogenital disorders
E25.9 Adrenogenital disorder, unspecified
E26.01 Conn's syndrome
E26.02 Glucocorticoid-remediable aldosteronism
E26.09 Other primary hyperaldosteronism
E26.1 Secondary hyperaldosteronism
E26.81 Bartter's syndrome
E26.89 Other hyperaldosteronism
E26.9 Hyperaldosteronism, unspecified
E27.0 Other adrenocortical overactivity
E27.1 Primary adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.2 Addisonian crisis
E27.3 Drug-induced adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.40 Unspecified adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.49 Other adrenocortical insufficiency
E27.5 Adrenomedullary hyperfunction
E27.8 Other specified disorders of adrenal gland
E27.9 Disorder of adrenal gland, unspecified
E29.0 Testicular hyperfunction
E29.1 Testicular hypofunction
E29.8 Other testicular dysfunction
E29.9 Testicular dysfunction, unspecified
E30.0 Delayed puberty
E30.1 Precocious puberty
E30.8 Other disorders of puberty
E30.9 Disorder of puberty, unspecified
E31.0 Autoimmune polyglandular failure
E31.1 Polyglandular hyperfunction
E31.20 Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] syndrome, unspecified
E31.21 Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] type I
E31.22 Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] type IIA
E31.23 Multiple endocrine neoplasia [MEN] type IIB
E31.8 Other polyglandular dysfunction
E31.9 Polyglandular dysfunction, unspecified
E34.0 Carcinoid syndrome
E34.1 Other hypersecretion of intestinal hormones
E34.2 Ectopic hormone secretion, not elsewhere classified
E34.3 Short stature due to endocrine disorder
E34.4 Constitutional tall stature
E34.50 Androgen insensitivity syndrome, unspecified
E34.51 Complete androgen insensitivity syndrome
E34.52 Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome
E34.8 Other specified endocrine disorders
E34.9 Endocrine disorder, unspecified
E35 Disorders of endocrine glands in diseases classd elswhr
E89.0 Postprocedural hypothyroidism
E89.2 Postprocedural hypoparathyroidism
E89.3 Postprocedural hypopituitarism
E89.5 Postprocedural testicular hypofunction
E89.6 Postprocedural adrenocortical (-medullary) hypofunction
Q89.1 Congenital malformations of adrenal gland
Q89.2 Congenital malformations of other endocrine glands
R94.6 Abnormal results of thyroid function studies
R94.7 Abnormal results of other endocrine function studies
S11.10XA Unspecified open wound of thyroid gland, initial encounter
S11.11XA Laceration w/o foreign body of thyroid gland, init encntr
S11.12XA Laceration with foreign body of thyroid gland, init encntr
S11.13XA Puncture wound w/o foreign body of thyroid gland, init
S11.14XA Puncture wound w foreign body of thyroid gland, init encntr
S11.15XA Open bite of thyroid gland, initial encounter
S37.812A Contusion of adrenal gland, initial encounter
S37.813A Laceration of adrenal gland, initial encounter
S37.818A Other injury of adrenal gland, initial encounter
S37.819A Unspecified injury of adrenal gland, initial encounter

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