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2021 Regulatory Update: Hospital Outreach Programs

   CodeMap® Webinars

Our Webinars are consistently attended by 400-500 individuals across many provider organizations. Gregory Root, Esq., and Dr. Charles B. Root conduct a 60 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute question and answer session. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from the experts.


CodeMap® Webinars offer the following advantage and features:
  • Expert AdviceInteract and gain insight from two of the leading experts in coding, reimbursement, and regulatory compliance. Gregory Root, Esq., and Dr. Charles B. Root present each 60 minute Webinar followed by a 15 minute question and answer session. Do not miss this opportunity to learn from the experts.
  • Review the Basics: Each CodeMap® Webinar will efficiently and effectively communicate the basic concepts and fundamentals that every health care provider needs to know about that webinar's subject matter. Whether you are new to the compliance game and need to learn the basics quickly or a seasoned veteran and are looking for a refresher, the CodeMap® Webinars will serve you well.
  • Learn the Latest: The speakers for each CodeMap® Webinar will also tell you what to expect in the near future and how to prepare. Their 50 years of combined experience in regulatory compliance will assist your organization in its current operations as well as future plans.
  • Save Time: Each 75 minute Webinar requires no travel, no wasted time, and should easily fit into your hectic schedule.
  • Easy to Participate: You can join our session by using a Mac, PC, mobile device, or simply by phone.  

CodeMap® is a Registered Trademark of Wheaton Partners, LLC.